Sunday, May 13, 2007

My first week in New York

This is the road my house is on. It is really beautiful. I have the park just down this road, as well as the subway. It makes it really easy for travel.
This is my building where I live. number 122. Here are some pictures of the inside of the house.
This is the entry hall, second bathroom and other girls bedroom.
This is the Kitchen
Here is our living room. The whole house is pretty much empty.
These are the stairs that lead to the second floor
This is the other bedroom that the two girls share.
Here is my bathroom
This is the hallway at the top of the stairs of my place.
My room.
This is part of my room. This part, I keep my bed in. The rest is twice this size again.
This is my closet! it is so huge. It can fit a queen size bed in it!
This was the cutest little dog. Had to have a picture!
A little street be the Met, had some great houses.
We saw them shut down trafic in Times Square, to film something for a movie. No famous people that we could see.
New York Times Square
The first day out in NY, and I see spiderman, just for Jaxon. I got this picture with him, and I also got his autograph.
This was my first visit to Serendipity. It is one of Opera's favorites, so it's very popular. Reservations are limited and a week in advance, and the wait is typically 2-4 hours. I got the famous frozen hot chocolate. It was wonderful!
I was dared to eat a piece of sour candy.
After eating a piece of sour candy.
On the fences around ground zero they have huge photographs of the buildings and broken things after the 9-11 crash.
This flat mass of concrete is where the twin towers stood, at ground zero. They have put up a great memorial sight here.

Us at the statue of liberty. The line to go on a ship over to the island was 2 hours long and $20! You can't even go up inside anymore. We opted to view her from the shore.

This is the second trip to Serendipity. I had to take the girls after I went with Amanda. We got some great deserts. They were fabulous!!!

This is the Hershey factory across the street was the M&M factory right in the middle of Times Square. Chocolate overload!

M&M factory. This place was so cool. You could stand under a machine, and it would predict what your favorite color of M&M is and give you a fortune. It was cute. They have 27 different colors of M&M's and you can mix them however you want. It was fun.
After church, we all cooked a family dinner togather. We had spegetti and bread, and salad. It was pretty tasty. We have only a minimum of dishes, so it becomes very inventive on how to cook each meal.
This is our back porch. We don't go out here much because of the park next door, but it's nice to be able to check the weather in the morning.
After church, which was a big adventure... we went for a walk in central park. This is right outside my door. Here are some images from the walk we took.

That's all for this week!